Claudia Siesbye Halsted (1981), daughter of producer Pernille Siesbye, has a degree in producing from The National Film School of Denmark (2009). On top of this, Claudia has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Roskilde University and has also studied at The European Film College. In 2010, Claudia created her own production company, Film Maker.

At Film Maker Claudia produced Søren Balle’s feature film debut, THE SUNFISH, which was both nominated for a Robert and a Bodil for best film in 2015, and Cav Bøgelund’s animated short film BROTHERS IN ARMS, which was also nominated for a Robert for best short film. Furthermore, Claudia has several films in development, amongst them May El-Touky’s CAIRO, Frederikke Aspöck’s MARTIN & VICTORIA and Søren Balle’s THE CHAMPION. When Film Maker is not actively in production, Claudia works as a freelance producer, production manager, line producer and associate producer on several films and tv series. Amongst them are BACKSTAGE for Metronome, Christoffer Boe’s BEAST for Alphaville Pictures, Martin Barnewitz’ DANNY’S DOOMSDAY and May el-Toukhy’s LONG STORY SHORT for Miso Film.


2015 BACKSTAGE, Tv series – Producer
2015 CAIRO, Feature film – Producer
2015 THE CHAMPION, Short film – Producer
2015 MARTIN & VICTORIA, Feature film – Producer
2015 LONG STORY SHORT, Feature film
 – Associate producer
2014 THE SUNFISH, Feature film – Producer
2014 BROTHERS IN ARMS, Animated short film
 – Producer
2014 DANNY’S DOOMSDAY, Feature film
 – Associate producer
2013 IN REAL LIFE, Feature film
 – Production manager
2010 MORE CPH, Teambuilding video
 – Producer
2010 BEAST, Feature film – Line producer
2009 BITS & PIECES, Graduation film – Producer
2009 WHEN I GROW UP – Fever Ray, Music video
 – Producer
2009 BIG MAN, Graduation film
 – Producer


2012 Co-production, Post Graduate Course
– Nordic Film Lab
2010 – 2011 Copenhagen Film Mentor, Post Graduate Course – The National Film School of Denmark
2005 – 2009 Producer’s Programme
– The National Film School of Denmark
2004 – 2005 Film Foundation Course

– The European Film College
2001 – 2004 Bachelor in Communication

– Roskilde University