The Vision

Film Maker aims to be the mouthpiece of upcoming talent in fiction, animation and documentary films. We want to tell stories that are relevant, engaging and touching, whilst managing to resonate with audiences domestically as well as abroad.

Our Mission
Film Maker is a daring and open-minded production company for those who wish to express themselves. Your education and what you have accomplished during your career is irrelevant. If you have a good story to tell, our time is yours.

At Film Maker, chemistry is essential. The relations we, as producers, have to a director, a writer or other collaborators is extremely important. Sensing the will and commitment of the different people on a project is crucial for us. It is what we are nourished and driven by, and it is what decides whether or not we wish to start a collaboration.

Film is an incredible medium with a magical ability to touch and move people. We want to create films that mean something and the people we work with need to feel the same way. You need to involve your heart as well as your mind, otherwise it does not matter.

Everyone is welcome to share their ideas here. In our eyes you do not necessarily need to have a degree in scriptwriting or filmmaking in order to possess original ideas that are made for the big screen.

Unlike a lot of other production companies, Film Maker is not obliged to work with regular partners and contractors. This not only encourages free competition, it also gives us an invaluable opportunity to tailor and finance each individual film, based on what serves the project best. A lot of production companies pride themselves on the fact that they always work with specific directors. We believe, however, that you should only work together as long as you want and as long as it makes sense for all the involved parties.

Film Maker is a small, mobile and adaptable company, which gives us a lot of advantages. We have the freedom to make quick decisions, when needed, rather than being held back by a heavy, bureaucratic administration. This also means that we can hold our administrative expenses to a minimum, which in turn makes us able to produce films that are inexpensive and generally faster to fund.

Making films must be worthwhile; for us and for our partners. Our ambition is that the time we invest in our projects pays off in the end. Therefore we are always honest about which projects we believe have potential and which projects we do not wish to take on.

Our most important task is to always continue improving and developing the filmmaker and, of course, the project. We take pride in being involved and our main focuses is to support and inspire, to keep up pace and momentum and, of course, to help the filmmaker make plans for the present, as well as future.