In 1973, Mohammed travels from Cairo to Copenhagen to work over the summer. He falls in love with Elisabeth and breaks with his family in Egypt in order to settle in Denmark. When Elisabeth gives birth to Adam and Sara, Mohammed struggles to keep the children away from everything associated with Arabic culture, in order to give them the best possible opportunities in life. Nevertheless, as time goes by and the children grow older, it becomes apparent that Mohammed’s attempts at over-integration have failed and the family falls apart. However, as fate would have it, Sara is given one last opportunity to reunite the family, when Adam disappears into Egypt during the Arab Spring

”A lot of people believe that as long as immigrants integrate themselves properly into Danish society, then living in Denmark is unproblematic. I dare say that this is not the case. I believe that if you pressure people sufficiently in an attempt to make them Danish (whatever that means) then future generations will seek back to their origins in order to attain their identity. As Nietzsche has written, “What is silent in the father speaks in the son.” – May el-Toukhy

Original Title: Fædreland
International Title: Cairo
Format: Feature film
Project Status: In development
Director: May el-Toukhy
Scriptwriter: Andreas Garfield