THE CHAMPION is inspired by the true story of speedway legend Hans Nielsen, who grows up at a shabby farm in the small town of Brovst, in Northern Jutland. At age 16, Hans’ greatest passion is to fix old mopeds and race around in the local gravel pit. It quickly becomes clear, that he is a force to be reckoned with on two wheels. Yet, at home on the farm he finds no support in his father Holger, who is fighting an uphill battle against alcohol and does everything he can to repress his children. Hans whoever, refuses to end up like his father and with only 50 kr. to his name, he turns his back on Denmark and drags his motorbike aboard the ferry to England to race as a professional. Here he encounters his greatest idol, speedway legend Ole Olsen, who for a while becomes the father figure Hans always wanted. But when Hans’ natural talent begins to push Ole out of the spotlight, the uncrowned king of speedway goes all out to keep the rising star from stepping up on the winner podium. This becomes the start of an infamous rivalry, which sets Hans on a collision course with everything that he desperately is running away from.

THE CHAMPION is the story of the timid kid from Brovst, who defied all odds and became the world’s most winning speedway racer ever.

”What at first glance may seem to be a conventional ‘sports film’, hides a story that is far more personal and vulnerable. It is the story of a boy raised in an environment where support and encouragement is hard to come by. Where having talent becomes a threat to the natural order of mediocrity. The Champion tells the story of a boy, who defies this notion. For me the film is a celebration of Hans Nielsen, but most of all, it is a celebration of believing in yourself!” – Søren Balle

Original Title: Verdensmesteren
International Title: The Champion
Format: Feature film
Project Status: In development
Director: Søren Balle
Scriptwriter: Christoffer Örnfelt & Joachim Nielsen