Winter 1973. The musically talented and self-proclaimed hippie, Martin (15), is about to start at a new school in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Already on his first day, he falls madly in love with the unattainable and conservative Victoria (15). This, however, complicates things for Martin, as he desperately wishes to become a part of Michael’s band, which only admits true hippies. Martin, therefore, decides to hook up with Michael’s friend Pia, who does not shy away from a good blowjob. However, Martin cannot seem to get Victoria of his mind and she, as it turns out, also appears to have her eyes set on him. Secretly an innocent romance flourishes between the two teenagers, all the while Martin continues to get his other needs fulfilled by Pia. Martin’s secret is eventually exposed and his bigamistic ways revealed. Pia gets hurt, Martins is immediately thrown out of Michael’s band and Victoria never wants to see him again. Martin now has a rough time ahead of him, as he desperately tries to convince Victoria of his love for her – but time is short as Victoria plans to travel abroad and study in The United States after summer break.


”MARTIN & VICTORIA is a story about real people as they always have existed; people with flaws and misdirected good will. I love people the most when they make mistakes and when they are involuntarily comical in their attempts to do the right thing. In MARTIN & VICTORIA we witness two teenagers struggling their way through the trials of life: family relations, disappointment and misunderstandings, as well as the excitement of exploring each others sexuality and worlds.”  – Frederikke Aspöck

Original Title: MARTIN & VICTORIA
International Title: MARTIN & VICTORIA
Format: Feature film
Project Status: In development
Director: Frederikke Aspöck
Scriptwriter: Bo Hr. Hansen