The Glass Girl

As a six-year old Lula suffers a terrible loss when her father is killed in a tragic fire. The last memory she has of him is a small glass marble and his tale of the marble giving her protective powers when she is afraid. Seven years later Lula has become an introvert, hooded outsider struggling with the loss of her father. In school she is terrorized by the popular “porcelain dolls“, and at home she isolates herself in her room to avoid contact with her mother. One day Lula accidentally rediscovers the forgotten glass marble, and to her surprise her father’s old story comes true. With the glass marble in hand, Lula gets superhuman powers, and with her newly acquired skills, she finds the strength to defy her tormentors. In the mean time an arsonist, who is wrecking havoc in the city, turns out to have a very personal connection to Lula’s past. An arch nemesis is revealed and it will require all of Lula’s courage and strength to overcome her greatest challenge yet.

“I’ve read and loved superhero comics and movies since I was very young and I’ve always loved them for their ability to magnify and illuminate everyday conflicts from new angles.

THE GLASS GIRL is the story of a teenager who, like all other teenagers, feels that the world is full of injustice – but now suddenly gets the power and ability to actually change things. It’s a story that uses superpowers as an analog for the development you go through when you hit puberty. Suddenly your body behaves differently. It’s new and strange and new thoughts start filling your head. It’s the story of a teenager who in many ways is trapped by her own life and is tremendously angry at it. Her powers presents her with a way out and into the light – a chance to realize herself and stand up for something.”
– Cav Bøgelund

Original Title: Glaspigen
International Title: The Glass Girl
Format: Animated short film
Project Status: In development
Director: Cav Bøgelund
Scriptwriter: Søren Grinderslev